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City Clerk

Jeff Pratt, City Clerk

Jeff Pratt, City Clerk

Physical Address:  118 Industrial Park Rd. 
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602

Phone: 870-741-3644
Fax:  870-741-0021

The City Clerk/Treasurer is an elected official whose primary responsibilities and duties are prescribed by various legislative acts of the General Assembly as well as the City Council.

The City Clerk Division is a great source of information for both the general public and city staff.  We are often the distribution center for information pertaining to current issues, events, and meetings.  This office is the custodian of City records and maintains the city's archives.  Records in this office date back to the late 1800's.

Some of the primary duties of the City Clerk Division are:

  • Directly supervise the development and implementation of record retention policies and procedures in accordance with State law.
  • Attend all regular and special City Council meetings, preparation of the City Council agenda, recording the meetings, transcribe and prepare the minutes for the official minute record book.
  • Maintain the City Code of Ordinances.
  • Maintain a current listing of the city boards and committees.
  • City Clerk serves as ex-officio secretary for the City Council and prepares the minutes and the correspondence for the Board members.
  • Provides support for the City Council.