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Trash Services-Residential

Residential trash services in Harrison are provided by:

Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS)
1313 Old Bellefonte Road
Harrison,  AR  
Phone:  870-204-6690
(Drop-Off Center Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)
Office Associate:  Dawn White


LRS Local Management Team
Operations Mgr:  Randy Stewart
Phone:  870-405-3813

Municipal Division Mgr:  Chris Snyder
Phone:  479-435-8718

   For service collection dates and other information, call local phone number (870-204-6690).

News Update:  

LRS also known as Lakeshore Recycling Systems announced on Nov 3, 2021 the acquistion of Orion operations whose territories include Arkansas, Kansas and Wisconsin.  In Arkansas, Harrison and Bethel Heights were included in the acquisition.  The new contract for trash hauling and recycling services will go into effect on the first day of 2023.  There are some significant changes in the new contract, primarily its length, from 10 years to seven years. Recycling will be a sign-up program for customers.  Trash and Recyling cans were switched out in December 2022 with the new logo.  Any questions should be directed to LRS at 870-204-6690.



More information available:
 1.   Residents will receive 2 blue cans. The blue lid is for trash and the yellow lid is for recyclable.
 2.   No glass is allowed in recycling can.  It may be dropped off at LRS facility oat 1313 Old Bellefonte Road.
 3.   Recyclables should not be in bags or sorted.
 4.   Cans should be within 2 ft of gutter; 2 ft apart; 6 ft from parked vehicles.
 5.   Bulky items (furniture, mattress, toy, push mower, bicycle (no tires), carpet (4'), metal fencing (short length)) may be taken to the  LRS facility, but there is a chage of $28.47 per item.
 6.   If you move, leave cans at the old residence.  They are tagged for that residence.
 7.   You will be billed for trash on your water bill, and the charge is $20.92 for regular service, $24.07 for high-volume service, and $17.78 for low-volume service.  You may apply for low volume through the Water Dept, if you qualify.
 8.   Drop off service is available at 1313 OLd Bellefonte Road for $5.48 per bag for household trash.  No charge for recycling.  Cannot exceed 35 gallon capacity or 40 pounds in weight.
 9.   No charge for yard waste delivered to LRS location.
10.  Trash cannot be outside the container, and lid must be shut.
11.  Trash must be out by 6:30 a.m. on trash day.
12.  Routes and days will not change.
13.  Yard waste is not permitted in the garbage or recycle cans.

 Acceptable recyclable items: newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office paper, cereal boxes, telephone books, brown paper bags, plastic containers, tin, bi-metal containers, pie tins, clean aluminum foil, aluminum cans.  

Unacceptable recyclable items:  Appliances with freon, batteries, paint, automobile parts, construction material, concrete, yard waste (sticks, leaves) dirt, bricks, blocks, tires, liquid waste, dehumidifiers, guns, ammo, soiled food containers, PVC, plastic bags (such as walmart and gro) ,and styrofoam.

Bulky items may be dropped off at the 1313 Old Bellefonte Road facility for $28.47.  Acceptable items are:   chairs, couches, small furniture, mattress/box springs, non freon appliances, toys, tools, bicycles (no tires), push mowers, metal (short lengths), carpet (4'), and fencing.   Or LRS will pick up Bulky Items curbside for $28.47 per item.  Resident will need to contact LRS local office at 870-204-6690 to request and schedule the bulk item service.  And Waste Bag Drop-off is $5.48 per bag.         

Yard Waste may be dropped off at the LRS 1313 Old Bellefonte Road facility at no charge.  Curbside Yard Waste Service is available by contacting LRS at 870-204-6690 and purchasing yard wase tags for pickup $3.53 per tag and scheduling pickup.  Yard waste is picked up with a separate truck.


Drop-off Recycle Center
Please stay in your vehicle at all times, and someone will assist you with household trash and recycle drop-off items (cans, plastics, glass, newspapers, cardboard).


Watch our facebook page: for comments and other answers that we are making available.

Remember, it is unlawful to burn trash in Arkansas.  See this link from the ADEQ:  Don't Burn It!.pdf


Harrison’s Spring and Fall Clean-Up   Dates To be Announced Prior to Event
Beginning 2023, LRS will provide two (2) curbside cleanups of large items annually- one in the spring and one in the fall.  Dates will be scheduled with the City and announced on social media.  There will only be one pass through for each street.  LRS asks that you place all items by the curb on the night before your scheduled day for pick-up.

Acceptable Items:  Clothes, Carpet, Fencing,Furniture, Mattresses & Box Springs, Non-Freon Containing Appliances, Toys, Tools, Bicycles (without tires), Push/Self Propelled Lawn Mowers, Metal (short lengths), and Lumber (4 foot in length).

Unacceptable Items:  Tires, Batteries, Paint, Liquid Waste, Construction Material, Automobiles and Automobile Parts, Freon-Containing Appliances, Dehumidifiers, Guns and Ammunition, Concrete and Dirt, Bricks and Blocks, Electronics, Glass, Yard Waste, Leaves, and Grass Clippings. 

To locate your ward, use the link below:
 Ward Map


A 501(c)(3) car donation program that provides funding for veterans' programs. We accept cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, etc. and offer donors free towing and a tax deduction. Many of the cars received are recycled