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Renewal Date is before June 30, 2023 (same as State’s renewal)
Alcohol Ordinances
 Application-Retail Beer & Light Wine (On & Off Premise)                                                         
 Application-Retail Package Liquor (Off Premise)                                                           
 Application-Hotel/Motel/Restaurant Mixed Drink                                                   
 Application-Private Club License                                                  
 Application-Wholesale Beer & Light Wine
 Application-Temporary Beer Sales
 Application-Beer Festival
 Supplemental Fees-On Premise Beer/Wine:     Nov-Apr Report     May-Oct Report     
 Supplemental Fees-Off Premise:     Nov-Apr Report     May-Oct Report    
 Supplemental Fees-Hotel/Motel/Restaurants:     Nov-Apr Report      May-Oct Report  
 Supplemental Fees-Private Club:     Nov-Apr Report     May-Oct Report     


Business License...will be effective Jan 2020.  The Harrison Fire Dept will administer the program.  Call 870-741-6384.
Clean Premises Form...see Fire Dept page for online form to complete. Try Text-My-Gov to report a location. Or if you have questions, call Mayor’s Office at 870-741-2777
Click here for Construction Permits.  
Special Event/Street Closure Application...
Garage Sale/Yard Sale/Rummage Sale ...a permit is not needed for a singular weekend sale.