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Students attend City Council with ideas

Posted Date: 02/23/2024

Students attend City Council with ideas

A good crowd of friendly faces greeted the City Council on Thursday, Feb. 22, including students from Harrison Middle School and adults from the Boone County Leadership Institute.

The EAST class of Tammy Beardsley had students Easton Moore, Cooper Clavey, Jayce Phillips, and Ty Willmott made a presentation to the city to request funds for a container where smokers could place their cigarette butts and not litter the community. By placing the butt on one side or the other of the container, they would be placing a “vote” for whatever the question was currently posted. Hopefully, they are making a fun “game” out of keeping the grounds clean and free of butts.

Mayor Jerry Jackson reminded the community that smoking is prohibited on city property. Since the smoking gazebo is on county property on the downtown square, the mayor suggested partnering with Boone County to split the cost of the box. The council agreed, and the boys received some great feedback and appreciation for getting involved with the need to better the community.

Also recognized were Jayden Morgan and Zoey Bolonsky and their teacher Staci Tucker. The girls made a presentation in their 7th grade AP English class about the need for speed cushions in front of the Brandon Burlsworth Youth Center. The speed cushions have recently been installed. Mayor Jackson and the council thanked them for their great idea and participation.

The HMS EAST Teacher, Tammy Beardsley, and superintendent, Dr. Stewart Pratt, were also in attendance. Councilman Mitch Magness asked Pratt for his comments. 

“We have students come up with great ideas regularly. When they do research, make a plan, and presentation, this is the highest level of learning. We are very proud of our students,” Pratt said.

Magness added, “As a school board member, I see presentations like this a lot, and it’s great. I am more confident and secure about our community’s future when I see young people involved like these.”